Racist allegations hinder the German football revival

Germany’s MesutÖzil was frustrated after the German team was eliminated by the World Cup and later accused the country’s football federation of being discriminated against. CreditCreditJohn Sibley / Reuters

Munich – For Reinhard Grindel, the leader of the German Football Federation, this has become a time to push his country to host the European Championships in 2024, or, in fact, anything related to the national team plan. Things, only a few months ago, were considered to be a symbol of national unity and one of the most unstoppable forces in the sports world.

Earlier this month, a group of thugs waved the German flag, and flashing Nazi salutes ran rampantly on the streets of Chemnitz in eastern Germany, chasing dark-skinned bystanders, because the police could only watch for a while.

These images, after being broadcast around the world, became another event explained by Grindel and the German Federation. For weeks, the federation, known as DFB, has tried to answer accusations of racism and discrimination stemming from the ugly departure of World Cup champion Mesut Özil this summer. The team’s players have a poor performance in defending history after the World Cup.

“When we win, I am German, but when we lose, I am an immigrant,” Ozil wrote a lengthy and lengthy article in the week after the World Cup, in which Germany ranked last in the group. This is the worst performance since 1938.

Now, the prejudice and discrimination of football idols in large-scale Turkish communities in Germany have become the core focus of Germany’s campaign to host the biggest event of €2024 in football outside the World Cup. The only opponent – Turkey.

Grindel is the 61-year-old former politician with glasses, Prime Minister Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, and he said that Ozil’s statement represents a low point for him, even lower than South Korea. The moment to eliminate Germany from the World Cup. Ozil personally aimed at Grindel, and may even be more targeted than the alliance he led.

German Football Federation President Reinhard Grindel tried to lead a number of controversies and campaigns for the 2024 European Cup. CreditBenjamin Bechet for the New York Times
Özil’s comments – whether fair or not – are fundamental challenges to the football federation’s success in organizing the 2006 World Cup. From that incident, D.F.B. Football has been shown as a force for ethnic and religious integration. Twelve years have passed, and if a character like Ozil is seen as a symbol of integration, he may be forced to leave such a condition, what it is for modern Germany, because it seeks to ensure that since the happy sunshine month The first major game of football 12 years ago?

“We all think that sports can integrate people into society, but it is not the case,” said Gunter Gebauer, a philosopher and sports expert at the Free University of Berlin.

After the players and the league made a series of mistakes, Özil’s inflammatory remarks appeared. The crisis began in May, and before the World Cup, there was an unwise photo in London. Ilkay Gundogan, the national team player of Ozil and Turkish descent, took a group photo with the Turkish dictatorship and nationalist President Recep Tayyip Erdogan the day before the temporary German team was about to announce.

The players face a serious immediate rebound. Members of the German media questioned their loyalty to the country of birth, while the public posted information about abuses and threats to the social media.

JoachimLöw, German national football coach; Oliver Bierhoff, general manager; and Grindel met to understand how to deal with the crisis. They decided to leave the two players in the team. It was reported that Grindel initially wanted Özil to ban. After criticizing them for meeting with the Turkish leaders, the two players then met with German President Frank-Waltersteinmeier.

Gundogan needed the services of a psychologist during his anger, and he issued a statement explaining his motives for the meeting. According to people familiar with the matter, Özil decided not to do so after being told by federal officials that the issue had ended and should focus on preparing for the World Cup.

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Before going to Russia, the fans would laugh at the players every time they touch the ball in the final adjustment of the team, and even cheer when Gundogan is fouled by the opponent. Ozil’s children’s school in Gelsenkirchen, where he supported the show of children with immigrant backgrounds, canceled his visit before the World War